Season 2012 - BMX Indoor St. Etienne

Season 2012 - BMX Indoor St. Etienne
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December 10 and 11 the appointement for the BMX european riders was in St. Etienne, with the historical French indoor event. If you like BMX don't lose this race. GS Testi Cicli BMX Perugia was in St. Etienne with Diego Verducci and the Gargaglia Family, Giacomo, Francesco Saverio and Stefano, the father. 

On saturday, in Supercross race, Diego Verducci take an excellent 6th place. Francesco Saverio Gargaglia don't go over the qualification.

On Sunday, Stefano Gargaglia, the father, make only the three manches. Giacomo, on Benjamin category, finish the race on 6th place in semifinal, after a bad start. His brother Francesco Saverio make a positive qualification, unfortunately he finish at 1/16 of final. Impressive Diego Verducci, first year Cadet rider, arrive 4th in main event final.

Next Race will be on Belgium for the Euro round on 7/8 january.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!